Remodeling a Half Bathroom: Is It Worth It?

When people are considering a bathroom remodel, they often picture a master bathroom or other large space. However, there are a few reasons that remodeling a half bathroom or powder room can be a great choice both financially and stylistically.

Half bathrooms are usually smaller than full ones and also tend to be used by visitors and guests rather than residents. For this reason, many homeowners don’t give them a lot of thought. In many homes, the half bathroom used by guests gets roughly the same design and decorating attention as a closet.

However, neglecting a half bathroom can have a negative effect on both your home’s market value and how it is perceived by others. Even if you only see it to clean, guests see it enough for the powder room to make an impression. In addition, remodeling a half bathroom can actually be a huge opportunity. Here are a few benefits to remodeling a half bath, powder room, or any very small bathroom.

1. Style Opportunities

Because half bathrooms are so small, you can get a little wilder with style and design. Although it’s good to avoid small and intricate patterns, bright colors and unusual textures are actually less overwhelming in the smaller amounts seen in rooms with low square footage. If you have dreamed ever of bright purple walls, metallic wallpaper, a bathroom supporting your favorite sports team, or any other less traditional idea, this is the room to try it. It is low risk and also more likely to look attractive.

2. Lower Materials Cost

Remodeling a half bath is cheaper than remodeling a larger one. In fact, it is probably affordable for the majority of homeowners. In addition, because half baths use smaller amounts of materials, you can play with higher quality. From vintage fixtures to marble countertops, the sky is the limit. This is an affordable place to wow guests or future homebuyers with custom quality or high end features.

3. Master Small Spaces

Learning to create attractive small spaces requires practice that can only come from experience. If you can make a 16 square foot bathroom look spacious and well-lit, you can conquer any space. A half bath or powder room remodel is your chance to get more experience at creating space and light from scratch.

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