Remodeling a Bathroom for Accessibility

There are ways to design a bathroom that will make it easier for the elderly and disabled to use without injury.

Many of us have elderly parents or relatives with other physical limitations. Unfortunately, bathrooms are the most common place for one of these loved ones to fall. Because bathrooms are small and usually designed with hard materials, elderly people are more likely to harmed here. People who plan to retire in a home or have older relatives stay with them should consider this in their remodeling process.

Make Your Bathroom Safer

There are a few issues with modern bathrooms that make them less accessible for people with limited mobility and/or balance. First, they are often made of materials that make it easier to lose traction and fall. Second, they are not designed to make it easy to get up and down, in and out, for people who struggle with daily activities and coordination. Last, many of the fixtures in a bathroom simply were not designed for arthritic hands or less coordinated. If you want to plan for elderly houseguests, or your own retirement, there are way to make your own bathroom safer and easier to use.

However, many people think that designing a more accessible bathroom will mean compromises on style. This is not true! There are many small adjustments that can make a bathroom safer that will not be obvious and will not interfere with design.

1. Taller commodes.

Some people have trouble standing from a low position. Getting a taller commode solves this problem. Many major manufacturers make a range of commode heights, so choose one that is not so low.

2. Handrails.

These can help people when standing up or sitting down. In addition, they can aid elderly people in getting in and out of the shower. However, they don’t need to look like hospital fixtures. Talk to your remodeler about how to add some extra support in an attractive way.

3. Shower or bath seating.

Because bathing is an inherently slippery process, having a place to sit can prevent a lot of falls. In addition, some older people can’t be on their feet for a long time. Showers can be designed so that they have a built-in ledge, allowing people to sit. This is a nice feature even for people in great shape!

4. Flooring with more traction.

Marble floors are beautiful, but they are slippery even when not wet. When you add a small amount of water, they can be a real hazard. There are types of bathroom flooring that are attractive and offer more traction.

5. Easy to use fixtures.

It is hard for people with less coordination or arthritic hands to turn a small knob. There are many affordable fixtures that are stylish yet easier to use.

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom to make it safer and more accessible, talk to an experienced remodeler about ideas.

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