Kentuckiana Re-Bath Bathroom Remodel Solutions

Tired of your worn out, defective and stained fixtures like your bath tub, showers sinks and bathroom accessories? This is maybe a good time for you to get some few tweaks on your bathroom or maybe the best time for a grand makeover! Browse through Bathroom Products and Accessories at Kentuckiana Rebath and give your bathroom a total remake.

Many would agree that in the bathroom, you can sometimes give yourself a time of peace and solitude that you always look after at the end of a tiring work day. Let you and your family experience a bathroom that you deserve. Choose a design that matches your lifestyle. Take note of the benefits that could help you on remodeling your bathroom. Choose complementary accessories that would match to your favorite design. With an array of Bathroom Products and Accessories that Kentuckiana Re-Bath offers, you do not have to look for another!

Kentuckiana Re-Bath is located at Louisville, KY. We specialize all bathroom renovations, be it large or small bathroom spaces. From replacement tubs and showers to complete remodels, we can handle with any project and so you can have the bathroom you have always wanted.

Our products include:

Definitely, you are assured that we only choose best of the best products and accessories. They were carefully chosen to ensure 100% quality standard of the bathroom product brands of produc. The Bathroom Products and Accessories offered by Kentuckiana Re-Bath are all quality checked so all you have to think of is the result after the remodeling. Contact us, today! This is your chance to experience your dream bathroom you have always wanted.