Lighten Up! Designing a Bathroom that Feels Light and Airy

Do you have a small or dark bathroom? A few simple changes can open it up and make it feel like the light, airy space you desire.

Small, dark bathrooms are simply not attractive. Not only are they not an enjoyable space to use, but they can feel unsanitary or even creepy. If this describes your bathroom, have no fear.

One of the main problems is that bathrooms are often designed almost as an afterthought to a home. They are fit into spaces leftover in the floorplan, often in limited space and with insufficient light. Because stock bathrooms are at best boring and at worst dark and claustrophobic, this is often one of the first spaces that people remodel in their home.

However, many remodeling jobs do nothing to resolve the light and space issues of some bathrooms. It is important to approach the remodel of a bathroom with the intent of adding light and space. There are a few ways that you can make your bathroom feel much lighter and larger even without major structural changes.

Choose Light Colors

You don’t have to stick with outdated pastels to use color for a lighter feel. Lighter hues of cool or neutral colors will make a room feel larger and lighter. Consider a cool gray with white moldings or similar modern, light hues. Choose light colors for cabinets and other fixtures as well. If you choose exclusively from different shades of the same color, the room will feel more lighter and also very coordinated.

Replace Large Fixtures and Appliances

Showers, vanities, and almost all bathroom appliances and furnishings come in a variety of sizes. Replace existing items with smaller, sleeker items with less detail. This will create more open space and also allow better light and air flow through the space.

Increase Light Levels

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people neglect it. Adding more sources of light to a bathroom, such as in showers or spaced along empty walls, will create more ambient light and make a room feel more open. You can also use glass to add light, such as glass shower doors or even glass bricks in the wall. Mirrors will reflect light in the room and also give the illusion of more space. Last, if your bathroom lacks windows, consider installing light tubes. These are quite economical and will add an infusion of natural light.

Avoid Visual Clutter

Smaller spaces feel more open when they have fewer items. Keep anything not in constant use stored away. Stick to simple lines and choose solid colors over patterns.

Are you ready to add some light and space to your bathroom? Talk to a remodeling expert about how your bathroom can be turned into a clean, airy space.

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