Five Ways to Sabotage Your Bathroom Remodel

There are (avoidable) ways that homeowners can ensure that their bathroom remodel is a long and stressful experience with less than satisfactory results.

There is a lot of talk about what to do in bathroom remodeling, but not as much about what not to do. Many people unknowingly sabotage their own remodel and cause themselves a great deal of stress and expense. This is entirely preventable.

Most of these problems stem from underestimating the time and money involved, or by failing to communicate with someone who is an expert in the field. While there are ways to keep down costs, it is important to be realistic and to get expert assistance from the very beginning. Here are the top five ways that we have seen bathroom remodel jobs go bad.

1. Planning too short of a time period for the remodel.

A contractor can give you a realistic idea of how much your bathroom remodel will take. However, this may be extended if issues are discovered. For example, the discovery of a leak may require an extra few days of repair.

2. Trying to DIY the entire process.

There are a few places where money can be saved, in demolition for example, but electrical and plumbing work demand an expert. You also should have a general contractor who specializes in bathroom remodeling due to the large number of skilled trades involved in this process.

3. Cutting corners in the wrong areas.

There are places where you can save money without sabotaging your entire bathroom design. For example, a cheap toilet works as well as an expensive one with all the frills. There are other places where selecting the cheapest option can be disastrous.

4. Going too drastic.

You may have high hopes for your bathroom, but these can add up. For example, moving major plumbing lines will add substantially to your bill and your timeline. It is okay to make major changes as long as you are prepared for the time and money involved.

5. Neglecting storage.

Unless you are fond of running wet and dripping down a hall to the nearest linen closet, you should make sure there is adequate storage in your bathroom. This can be accomplished with a little creativity even in the smallest bathroom.

If you want an expert bathroom remodeling with none of the sabotage or drama, talk to an experienced bathroom remodeler today. We can help you to get the bathroom that you desire on time and on budget.

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